5 Tips for Mastering Parisian Style

Parisian Street Fashion

The dictionary describes Vogues as “something (such as a way of dressing or behaving) that is fashionable or popular in a particular time and place”. This word of comes to us from the French, and they always seem to be in Vogue.
The allure to the Parisian look comes from its simplicity yet the results are sultry and chic.
Living in Paris for the past five years, I now have a little insight as to how the French do what they do best; La Mode. In Paris the fashion faux pas is to over do it. If it looks like your outfit took 10 minutes to put together and is still fantastique, you’re doing it right.

Here are 5 must have items to create your own version of Parisian Street Fashion,

And don’t forget the perfect Parisian ensemble has to be topped of with a little French attitude.


Blog de Betty

Le T-Shirt




(from top) Oohjules | La Revue de Kenza | Le Petit Monde de Julie 

The t-shirt is the base of a perfect outfit. Parisians like to start off with solids and build around them. A denim oversized collared shirt is the perfect top for meandering through the cobblestone streets in the summer staying cool casual but looking great. It’s all about putting your pieces together to make it seem effortless but with an undeniable charm.

Le Jacket




(from top) Kayture | Mode and the City Margaux Lonnberg 

Trench Coat, Leather Jacket, or Blazer. No matter which you choose, the outerwear is often the “pièce de résistance”, that ties a whole outfit together. The best part of french style is it’s versatility. Throwing a trench or leather jacket over a pair of jeans, one pair of stilettos and a fierce rouge lipstick can easily take you from day to night.

Le Bag




(from top) Garence Doré | Coline | Le Dressing de Leeloo

Yes in Paris there is a lot of black, but that’s because black is eternal, I think Ms. Channel would agree. But this means there is a lot of room to play with accessories, a brightly coloured bag for example to tie it all together. The bag should be flashy; for the French it’s all about the finished product so stripes go with leopard print, and a designer bag goes with a pair of beat up tennis shoes, often the more worn out the better.

Le Hat




(from top) Miss Pandora |Tokyobanhbao | Éleonore Bridge

There is a reason Edith Piaf’s song says Under the Gray Sky of Paris: It’s always raining! So, you need a hat. However, a hat is best worn on a big sunny parisian terrace all the better to people watch. A nice hat screams elegance and is the perfect touch to add a hint of “I’m rocking this” to an otherwise downplayed oufit.

Les Shoes

blog mode tendance



(from top) Made in Faro | Zoe Baillieux | Deedee

So here is the deal for shoes in Paris; It’s Sneakers Sneakers Sneakers! All day and sometimes all night. It’s the best way to create the legendary effortlessly chic Parisian look. You look great and most importantly are comfortable while doing it.


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