Which Parisian Are You?


City of Lights, Love, Culture you name it, Paris has a lot to offer, but what would Paris be without her people. The parisians make the city hum and buzz; Dashing for taxis, strolling down grand boulevards, whilst concocting their latest opinion on whatever’s new and boldly displaying their own version of the latest trends. Although they all share the common tie of inhabiting the Capital each one lives it in their own way.









Be Frassy    The Cherry Blossom Girl     Julien Thiverny 

Parigot is the original Parisian. The word is actually slang for Parisian, used by all those who do not come from the capital city. A Parigot proudly assumes the baguette that they are carrying under their arm on the way home. And for them, there’s no place like home, they are happiest in their element, with a glass of red wine in hand, viewing the latest exhibition at an art gallery, walking their french bulldog, or reading a book in the shade on a park bench at lunch time with a jambon beurre sandwhich.


St. Germanier




Elliot Elam  Paris Match Chatlibre

If you love old style Paris; if you fancy a long drawn out promenade across cobblestone streets under the golden rays of ornate street lamps then you are a St. Germain Parisian. Paris’s Rive Gauche was and still is today the place for intellectuals, artists, and musicians. Where the Parisian elite still gather together at the famous “Les Deux Magots” and “Café Flore” to sip an expresso, languidly leaf through the paper, or hold lengthy conversations about Politics, Art, and Love. Where american ex-pats like Hemmingway and Whittman found inspiration. St. Germain is as authentic as Paris gets.








10 Days       Daily Elle      Celine 



Just like in all the major cities of the world, Paris has it’s own high fashion crowd. The ones who look like they might have just strolled off a red carpet, or stepped off the runway. The Parisian Fashionistas take fashion to the next level, they are cutting-edge and audacious. For these Parisians the drink of choice is Champagne and the look of the day is what you’ll be wearing tomorrow.


Street Parisians 








Making Magique      Punky B    Cuillère À Absinthe 


These are the Parisians that you do a double take on in the metro to try and take a mental picture of how they’re doing what you should be doing. From head to toe everything is perfect, and you want all of it, but it shouldn’t be that hard, because their sweatshirt says the brand they’re wearing. The sit along the Canal St. Martin and sip rosé or shimmy along to the beats on the rooftop terraces. They’ve got a flower in their hair, and can slalom on a long board like it’s nobodies business.











Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The Kooples Records     SayWho     Adeline Rapon

You never know how old a Bobo is. They’re definitely out of college, and they’re pushing a baby stroller but they still look so great, and you’re wondering how they do it. These parisians live life to the fullest, they’ve made their mistakes as youngsters and now there is nothing left to do but enjoy life. Bobos are always on the hunt for the next place they’re going to have Brunch, and have spent many a weekend gazing into the sunset on the french riviera. Their look is cool, calm, and collected with a tinge of when I take my jacket off things can still get crazy.



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