LED and cold laser treatments

LED and cold laser treatments: their multiple beauty applications
The options and solutions when it comes to beauty treatments are many and varied. There are those who turn to cosmetic surgery or so-called radical or miracle solutions. Others have tried everything, seeking less invasive and less risky techniques, which are progressive and deliver natural results. To fight against stretch marks, hair loss, wrinkles or acne, techniques known as “soft” are becoming increasingly powerful in terms of results. To erase stretch marks and regain youthful skin, treatment with LED photomodulation (also called cold laser) offers an effective alternative to cosmetic surgery. Totally painless, it provides the means to do away with annoying and sometimes painful bodily imperfections.Eliminate the signs of aging

Wrinkles occur over time and are due to bad habits such as smoking, sun exposure or stress. To keep its vitality, the skin naturally produces collagen and elastin. It also needs to breathe and for that oxygen and antioxidants are required. Thanks to LED treatment, the signs of aging dissapear simply and naturally. It works on the deep skin cells and promotes the creation of new cells. Along with cell stimulation, the LED treatment allows the skin to produce collagen. An alternative to botox injections or cosmetic surgery, the LED treatment promises lasting results in combating signs of aging. After a few sessions, the skin regains its shine and becomes again smooth, supple and firm.

Eradicate unsightly stretch marks

Stretch marks are caused by excessive stretching of the skin.
They can occur during pregnancy, puberty, menopause or even as a result of a harsh diet or significant weight gain. They form small cracks in the skin, red or white, which look like scars. They are mainly located on the hips, thighs or buttocks but also on the lower abdomen or chest. It is almost impossible to make them disappear without any treatment. Here the LED or the cold laser acts directly on the skin and enables the gradual reconstruction of the cells. With cell stimulation as the primary componant of the treatment, the skin naturally produces collagen. Whether new or old, the stretch marks disappear until they are totally eradicated.

Dealing with acneAffecting adolescents during puberty and as adults, there comes a time when acne can become debilitating. Located mainly on the face, it can spread to the shoulders and upper back. Some may use creams and lotions, but these are not effective on all types of skin or on the long term. Due to bacteria on the skin, acne can be treated easily with LED lights. The sun has shown that it can regress the symptoms of acne. Cells need light to regenerate. Similarly, LED treatment can eradicate the bacteria involved in acne. It also plays an anti-inflammatory role that soothes the skin. Thanks to the LED, the skin regenerates, lesions and scars disappear. Finally, the LED regulates the sebaceous balance for oily skin. This treatment is effective on all skin types and is completely painless. In three to four weeks, the skin regains its radiance and purity.

Fight against hair loss

Currently, the treatment for overcoming hair loss is hair implants. There exist two hair transplant techniques. The FUT transplant, this technique involves removing a strip of hair to graft and the FUE transplant that involves implanting the hairs one by one. In consideration of these surgical treatments, LED is an alternative which offers remarkable results. The LED light works by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. Scalp cells require oxygen for hair to be strong and resilient. With LED treatment, hair loss is stopped and hair growth stimulated. Gradually, hair follicles reappear and the hair grows. LED treatment against hair loss is natural and totally painless.




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